Kobold Barbarian


Currently Deceased.


Knee-Cap hails from a particularly civilized Barbarian tribe. These Barbarians are less apt to fight with an intense rage, and more inclined towards a battle trance that allows them to center themselves, and gain immense strength and resolve. This increased focus on the offense does come at the cost of losing some defensive awareness, however. Compared to fellow tribesmen, Knee-Cap is a member of lesser stature, both figuratively and literally, and has not yet mastered the signature style many senior members have, of wielding enormously oversized weapons, often fighting with multiple at once.

His journey to Ravengro has been fraught with peril, and many humans, too terrified to fight, but too curious to flee, have asked him why he ventures into human lands. Many more, including those of his tribe, ask why he carries such a strange weapon, in the pistol constantly at his side, loaded with a single bullet and dose of black powder, even though it is much too large for him, and he doesn’t even know how to use it properly.

His cryptic response to either question is always simply “I have a debt to repay.”


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