Mysterious Stranger

Incredibly charming, gun slinging, mysterious stranger (in a strange land)


Mysterious Stranger, Gunslinger 5

Ability Scores
DEX 19
CON 12
INT 12
WIS 10
CHA 16

Perception: + 8

Initiative: + 8
+ 1 Revolver: + 11 to hit (+ 12 Point Blank) 1d8 + 5 (+ 6 Point Blank); 20/x4
+ 1 Revolver (Deadly Aim): + 9 to hit (+ 10 Point Blank); 1d8+9 (+ 10 Point Blank); 20/x4
+ 1 Revolver (Rapid Shot): + 11/ + 11 (+ 12/+ 12) 1d8 + 5 (+ 6)
+ 1 Revolver (All In): + 7/ + 7 (+ 8/+ 8) 1d8 + 9 (+ 10)
Move Speed: 30ft

HP 39
AC 16
Fort +6 Ref +9 Will +3

A- Rapid Reload (Revolver)
B- Point-Blank Shot
1- Deadly Aim
3- Rapid Shot
4- Weapon Focus (Revolver)

Class Features
Grit (3/3)
Pistol Training 1
Deeds: Focused Aim, Up Close and Deadly(2d6), Gunslinger Dodge, Utility Shot, Gunslinger Initiative

+ 1 Revolver
Ammo pouch
+ 1 Leather Duster
Classy Outfit
Rope, Waterskin, backpack, misc adventuring gear
Lots gp (keeping closer track on actual character sheet)

Extremely Fashionable (Diplomacy)
Chance Savior

Bluff (12)
Acrobatics (12)
Intimidate (12)
Sleight of Hand (12)
KN: Local (9)
Perception (8)
Diplomacy (12)


Though little is known about the Mysterious Stranger, at least as far as facts and evidence are concerned, curious parties can find a number of rumors surrounding the figure, provided they know where to look and who to ask.

Some, desperate to learn more, and perhaps to meet the Stranger again, have pooled their information and discovered a wide range of information, much of which is contradictory, vague, or at the very least, far fetched.

The little information that can be confirmed is the description of a striking figure in a leather duster and impeccable wardrobe, with a grace of movement that serves to contribute to the surrounding air of power, as well as the possession of a rustic and elegant, if battered, one-handed firearm, with which, it is said, the Stranger is, in addition to a good marksman, with an unorthodox, close-range fighting style, skilled in myriad other ways

Some of the more common and believable rumors include involvement with a contracting agency, possibly as its head, or a recruiter, or worker, or perhaps all of these, though the company name has never been pinned down, as it always seems to be undergoing “restructuring” when the question arises. Some say the Stranger speaks Orcish, going so far as to imply barbaric, or at least frontier heritage, while others find this hard to believe, citing the Stranger’s eloquence when speaking Common and general etiquette, charm, and demeanor as indication of a noble upbringing, and that Elvish or Celestial would be more fitting, should the Stranger speak any foreign tongue at all (Though many of this latter group are Taldan, often holding some of the biases for which they are famous).

There are claims that the Stranger is a lawless vagabond, but no records of any such exploit can be found, or at least confirmed, though the same can be said of any tales of heroism ascribed to this enigmatic individual.

Mysterious Stranger

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