Item House Rules

New Weapon Properties


Aura Moderate Transmutation; CL 10th; Craft Magic Arms & Amror, Heighten Impact; Price +1 Bonus

This ability increases the damage multiplier of a weapon by 1. This benefit doesn’t stack with other spell effects, weapon properties and feats that increase the damage multiplier or thraet range of a weapon(Such as the Heighten Impact Spell or the Improved critical Feat).

Unarmed Attacks

Items that are in the unarmed attack category in either the Core Rule Book or the Advanced Player’s Guide when used by a character who would deal larger damage dice using their unarmed strike may use their larger damage dice while wielding such a weapon.

For example, while a Barbarian is raging with the Brawler rage power, they can deal 1d6 damage while wielding brass knuckles.


Firearms follow a different pricing scheme than what is currently listed in Ultimate Combat. Any regular firearm only costs 5% rounded down, of its base price (So a Pistol costs 50gp ) but this number can never go below 35gp for any firearm. Furthermore, no simple firearm can cost more than 100gp after its price has been decreased.

Advanced firearms costs 10% of their base price.


Casters shouldn’t be given a free pass on material components when martial characters still have to keep track of their non-specialty ammunition. To that end, no character needs to keep track of mundane ammunition so long as they purchase their appropriate ammunition container for the cost of 20gp. The contents of your ammunition pouch is nebulous, and no extra action is required to draw specific kinds of ammunition.

Item House Rules

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